Happy Chin spins!

Welcome to Moony's Faith,
a website dedicated to our Japanese Chins




On this website one can find, among other things, information on the Japanese Chin, and a little something about us and our Chins. But most of all, youll find a lot of (cute) pictures. Yes, they are too cute....


it is a Japanese Chin thing!


Due to personal circumstances, we no longer breed or show our Chins. We will be keeping this website online for those looking for information. But mostly because we just adore our Chins, and love updating this page with their pictures.


We hope you will enjoy the site, and if you have any questions or if you feel like leaving a message, please feel free to contact us. Our information can be found on the contact page.



Our dogs are heart- and Patellar Luxation tested, and the tests can be viewed on request.